Droopy Duck


Apr 10, 2022
Hi all :)

About a week ago I noticed that one of my ducks (Hazel: Female Khaki Campbell aged 8 months) was off her food, being REALY quiet, not moving much and looking wonky. It was as though one of her wings had slipped so that it wasn't tucked into a lower layer of feathers.
Besides, Jessica, my 8 month Female Mallard, was (and still is) looking totally normal, nothing wrong in the least.
Hazel is much better now, back into food, back into quacking and moving around normally. But her wing is still looking a bit off.
My mum saw on-line that giving her apple cider vinegar could help with whatever was wrong. I added the correct amount to her water but haven't really seen a change.
Any suggestions as to how else I can help her would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :D
I can't seem to drop in an image - but as for being injured, I don't think that would be the case because there was no blood or anything on her and when I held her and gently pressed her wing, she didn't seem to be more bothered than she usually would.

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