droopy wing II- and odd feathers

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    Apr 21, 2009
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    I am a chicken mama for the first time. My 10 chicks are 2 weeks old and everything is smooth so far. I have been learning a lot from you all. I finally registered to ask my own question. I saw the previous post on droopy wing, but I didn't want to hijack and I have some different symptoms too.
    I have a danish brown leghorn- Nana, my 3 yr old calls her banana [​IMG]- who has a droopy wing. As soon as her feathers started growing in I noticed she didn't hold it tucked up and under like the others. Its just on one side. But, all the feathers on the lower part of her wings are mostly plain black, they don't have the varigated coloring like her sister's do, and also the shaft of the feathers is white and very noticable. She is happy and healthy and none of the others are picking on her or at her wing which was my concern. defect, deficiency, disease?? does anyone have any ideas. I just want to help if I can. [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] I hd a chick that looked like her wing drooped, but after a few weeks it was right back where it belonged. [​IMG]

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