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Apr 21, 2022
Hey everybody. I have a nearly 8 week old Ancona duckling who grew much faster than the rest of my mixed flock. I’m wondering if I need to wrap her wing, as I noticed she is having trouble with her left wing drooping.

She frequently is adjusting it and the right wing appears to be held up more easily. The wing doesn’t stick out from her body, but just appears to droop. Is this due to the rapid growth/blood feathers weighing them down and her trying to adjust as she grows? Do I need to wrap her wing to help her?

They’re on a lower protein duck feed (17%) that I just switched them to with nutritional yeast supplemented in along with free ranging in a large run. They also get greens (peas, fresh cut lettuce) a couple times per week. Is there anything else I need to be giving her or doing for her? None of her flock mates of similar age appear to be having issues. Thanks in advance!

(We just had a huge rain storm yesterday evening so they’ve been playing in mud puddles so that’s reflected in the picture 😂🥰)


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If you are not noticing it out turned when she gets her wing up, then I don't think there is anything wrong. They have to get use to the new weight of their wing feathers and build up wing strength. I saw this a lot with my Pekin when their wing feathers first came in. Eventually they were able to hold up their wings. My other duck breeds I have not seen it with them as dramatic as my Pekin, but it is still pretty normal to have some slight droopiness in the beginning

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