Droopy wing


9 Years
Aug 27, 2010
Quiet Corner, Connecticut
I posted a few days ago about one of my Easter Eggers and her leg problems - which turned out to be paralysis...from possible Marek's. Now my approximate 19 week old Easter Egger has a VERY droopy wing. It's been for approximately 3 days. I noticed it was hanging lower but just thought she had a few feathers out of whack. Then I noticed when she walks she keeps tripping on the wing. She's unable to fly at all. She used to fly up to the ramp to get into the coop and now she's so droopy on that one side she has a horrific time trying to "fly". I had to catch her last night to put her up into the coop (good thing because we got our first snow last night!). Anyways she wasn't bothered by us moving her wing in effort to see if there was an injury. I know that wing paralysis can be a sign of Marek's too and now I'm super concerned. Here's a quick video of her yesterday, trying to get onto the ramp into the coop.

ideas....I hate thinking the worst.

Thanks, Jaime

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