Droopy wings normal maybe?

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8 Years
Sep 20, 2014
Denver, CO
I just got our six new chicks yesterday. They range in age from one week to almost 4 weeks old. This one, a speckled Sussex, acts like all the rest but her wings droop.

I’m wondering if it’s just because the feathers are so long (none of the others have feathers this long yet). Or is it possibly foreshadowing a problem? This is my second batch of chicks, and the first one I’ve noticed this on. You’ll also notice that her feathers on her neck tend to stand straight up, which also doesn’t look like the rest. She’s also the only Speckled Sussex I have. So maybe it’s just the breed?
It may be a bit cold. What are you using as heat?

When wing feathers come in they can be heavy for some chicks to hold up. I see it more in my turkey poults, but chicks can have the same problem. It takes a bit for them to develop the muscles needed to hold those wings up.
I’m using a mother hen pad. They are in the basement right now, so it’s definitely not 90° ambient temp down there. But the pad is set at its highest setting, and a littlest ones seem quite happy racing around and then returning to the depths of the cave to warm up. This one goes under the pad, but prefers to perch on the top more often than not. So do the others that are little bit older
As long as it's active I wouldn't worry. Those wings can feel heavy, a week ago there probably wasn't much for wing feathers to hold up.
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