Droopy wings?


Apr 14, 2012
Buckeye, AZ
Probably a totally paranoid question but Is it strange that my one silkie chick's wings hang down a bit? I looked back at my original chick pics from my first chickens and they didn't seem to hang like this. Thanks!

Just make sure your silkie can move the wing and that it doesn't appear broken. If everything seems alright it resembles a show-chicken fault called "slipped wing".
Interesting, thank you for the response! His/her wings don't seem to be injured. I'll have to read into the slipped wing fault.
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I don't think she/he is hot, unless she/he doesn't have sense to get out from under the light. My cage is 4 ft x 18 inches or so and the light is facing downward at one end, so they can definitely get out from under it if they wish.

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