Dropped chick


In the Brooder
7 Years
Apr 28, 2012
Today I accidentally dropped my 3 day old chick. It was walking and eating plus it was chirping. But I am worried that she was damaged internally. She is my favorite chick! Is there any way my mind could be put at ease? Thank you
One of mine flew straight out of the shipping box (when I first opened it) onto my 4 year old daughter's head and then fell to the floor. She was happily eating and drinking in the brooder a few minutes later. She suffered no ill effects from her adventure. My four year old on the other hand was completely freaked out lol.
I have posted something about this before but baby wood ducks leaving the nest who take a 50 foot or higher plunge from a hollow tree and then hit the ground with a splat have a better survival rate than wood duck chicks hatched in what we humans see as the perfect wood duck nest box. However baby chicks do not tolerate being stepped on by 200 pound humans.
I doubt the fall you mentioned did the chick any harm and it may have helped him.

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