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    How far out past the roost should the droppings board/poop hammock extend to really catch most of the poop? For example, if my roost bars are 12" from the wall, how far past that 12 inches should the board extend - 4" (16" from the wall)?
  2. Ideally a foot past the roost. So if your roost is 12 inches from the wall, edge of poop board is 24 inches from wall.
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  3. You dont know which way the birds will roost on any given night. Or combo of roost direction within a night
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    This^^^ is the best bet, because they may not all face the 'right' way.
    Also, the closer to the poop board the roost is, the smaller the board can be.
    Tho gotta keep in mind how you'll clean the board,
    if roost is too low it may get in the way of cleaning.

    There are lots of options, here's how I do mine:


    24" wide, roost 8" above board:
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