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    Sep 14, 2019
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    I plan to place a droppings board 12 inches under the roost in my small coop. The roost is 12 inches off the wall. Space is limited. Wondering how wide it should be so dropping land on it and not outside it? I will run it to the wall on the one side but not sure how far off i must be on the non wall side. Need to to use the minimum I can get away with yet still have it effective.

    Any suggestions?
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    The standard given is 12" on each side of the roost, so 24" in your case. That should catch practically everything.

    I'll include this photo to show what I did for my main roosts. Those tree limbs are about 12" apart with the first one 12" from the wall. The top of the brooder which is my droppings board is 36" wide. They pretty much use all of it.

    On the end where the brooder did not cover I used plastic bins which catch practically everything.
    Brooder Bins.JPG

    This photo shows my juvenile roost over the nests. It is not a great design as I pieced it together as my needs changed. If I were building from scratch I'd do it differently. The nests are 16" deep and the roost is maybe 10" off the wall. The ones that use this are not fully grown but you can see where some of them missed the front. I need to stick a bin under that overhang too but sometimes I'm a bit lazy. A minimum of 12" past the roost is probably a good idea.
    Juvenile Roost.JPG
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    Ditto Dat^^^

    My roost is only 8" above the board, the lower the roost the fewer overshoots(those juicy ones can travel haha!) you'll get.
    I can easily get my hoe scraper and sifter basket under the roost for daily cleaning.

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    My poop board is wider at one side than the other as it serves as a roof for a chick pen when needed, and that's how it had to fit. At the narrow end, there are only a couple inches beyond the roost on the front...but everyone faces forward on this roost, so it works out, poop falls behind onto the board. They all want to face the one window at the front of coop, even on the opposite side of the coop they still face that direction and never toward the back.
    poop board1 (3 of 1).jpg
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    Feb 2, 2009
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    Interesting, and it shows how different each of us can be. If you look at the feet you can see which way mine face, some toward the metal wall and some away from it. Glad it is working out for you on that narrow poop board.



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