Drunk Chicken?

The Egg Bandit

10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
I have my first hatch of chickens (7 weeks old) outside in the chick pen next to the big birds. They roost in the coop with the big birds at night.

I have noticed one of these little guys acting progressively stranger and stranger for the last 4 days. The first day he ran at top speed right into the waterer, like he never saw it. I thought it was just him being a goofy chick. Then yesterday he was acting like he had something wrong with his left leg. I couldn't find any sign of injury. Just now he was wobbling around like he was dizzy. He alternates limping on both legs. And he ran into the waterer again. He is scratching for food, and eating and drinking just fine. I've examined him and can't find any visible sign of illness or injury.

Anyone have any ideas?
Good idea...

A vitamin you can buy is Poly-Vi-Sol (I think that spelling is correct)...it is an infant vitamin drop you can find in your store's vitamin section. It is in a little gold and purple box.

Also, any time one of my chickens is sick or injured I also include electrolytes in the water (Pedialyte, or you can buy a powder at the feed store). You can mix the vitamins and electrolytes into the same water.
Thanks all! I've got some electrolite/vitamin mix, but it lists Iron Sulfate as an ingredient. Probably not much, since it is way towards the end of the list. I'll order some other vitamins online, since my local stores don't have anything else. Can I use this in the meantime? What does the iron do?

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