"drunk", lethargic chicken

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  1. shannongaga

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    Aug 9, 2013
    Today, I noticed that 3 year old hen was really lethargic and wobbly. She let me pick her up without a struggle, which is unusual. Read other thread re; similar s/s.

    Started within last 24 hours(?)
    Dirty vent, dried white poop; 1 liquid mostly clear poop after I noticed all this
    Wobbling, loses balance when moves
    very lethargic, just laying in enclosure in hot sun until I moved to shady enclosure
    Drinking water, but haven't seen her eat
    breast bone sharp
    comb seems paler
    other 10 chickens seem fine
    no standing water recently

    I threw some potatoes in enclosure last night that had some soft spots on them. Could she be poisoned from these? As I said, all other hens are fine.
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    "Raw, green potato peels" are on the toxic list [scroll way, way down to find toxic list]: https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/chicken-treat-chart-the-best-treats-for-backyard-chickens

    Maybe she's being affected by that? I can't seem to find any remedy for toxins ingested though, so I am not sure what to advise. If you can add some electrolytes to her water and make her drink some that would probably help her. Maybe there's something else going on, like impacted crop, from what you describe with her stool.

    My go-to treatment for any sick chicken is the spa treatment off the hencam site: http://hencam.com/faq/the-spa-treatment/

    I would try the spa treatment ASAP - I failed to get on it with one of mine that started acting puny and she could not recover, so don't wait. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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