Dry dropping board vs using Sweet PDZ

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    I see some dropping boards just raw wood or covered w/ linoleum. And I see others that have several inches of Sweet PDZ.

    What are the advantages or disadvantages of either? I can't decide which one is right for me?
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    I have found that if you have a board they poop on, when you go to scrape the poo, it helps a great deal to have some sand or PDZ (I favor sand now) at least sprinked across it (or in a layer if you prefer) so as to help prevent the poo from sticking to the board. I wear an N95 mask when sifting sand.

    This is especially helpful when encountering caecal poos or if someone has a touch of diarrhea.

    But when you have a tray that you take outside to scrape off, it wastes the substrate and also makes it too heavy.
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    I like the granulated PDZ mixed with some sand because:

    Reduces ammonia odor.

    Poops don't stick to the board, especially in winter......
    ........but mine is lined with heavy duty foam backed vinyl sheet flooring.

    I think the sifting is easier than scraping, some sand clings to poops keeps it from sticking to anything.

    Sand mix only needs to be about 1/2" deep....any deeper and they want to dust bathe in it.


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