dry hatching quail?


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
I have 58% humidity here...which seems unusual for the 'dry' California central valley. I have quail eggs ready to go in, and I'm thinking I might try a 'dry' hatch, especially with these readings! I've been reading, at least with some breeders of Marans, that they've had more success with dry hatches.

What think you?
as long as the humidity in the 'bator is 58% I'd say you are all set!!!!!!
If the humidity is that high, you shouldn't have any problems.

Now a 'true' dry hatch is not good for quail, at least in my opinion. I tried that once, with the humidity around 30% for incubation, and up to 50%+ for hatch, just like I was doing with my chickens. I had 3 total quail hatch out of 38 eggs. I'll never do that again!! Just be sure to keep the humidity inside the bator at least 45%, you should be okay.
I turned it on (a Genesis 1588) and it dropped to 3o-something! So I added water. And it's holding steady at 50%. Is that okay or too high? I had such bad luck with the last batch of chicken eggs (7/43, mostly shipped eggs) that I REALLY REALLY want a good hatch with my first quail!
HA! I have quail hatching around the same day!!
lol Im keeping my humidity around 50 percent for the incubation period and will jack it up during hatching period! lol GOOD LUCK!
50% during incubation is good for quail, I don't let mine drop below 45%. Isn't that weird how the room humidity can be high, but the bator humidity can be low? I think our humidity is at least 50% most all the time, but the incubators would be around 25-30 if I didn't have water in them.

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