Dry incubation through hatch day


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Jul 7, 2007
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The backstory-
My hens have been psycho broody this year and continue to pilfer eggs from everywhere. I got really busy at work for a couple of weeks and didn't do a very good job at checking nest boxes. Actually, I did great on nest boxes. I just didn't catch the hidden nest behind one suspiciously nonchalant silkie.
I ended up with a number of eggs in a staggered hatch. After the hen got a few out I stole the rest and moved them into the incubator so she would take care of the first round. I had no idea of hatch date and could only candle to see where they were in the process.

The short version of this is that I haven't messed with the humidity levels. They are at 30-35% consistently. Eggs are hatching like crazy in there! In previous hatches I have had poor luck with fully developed chicks not making it out of the shell. In previous hatches I have always upped the humidity to 55-60% on day 18. Now I'm wondering if they poor chicks were drowning. They are coming out perfect this time with no shrink wrapping at all with humidity levels at 30%.

Sooooo... has anyone done hatches where humidity isn't upped at the end? Any thoughts on why this complete dry hatch is being so wildly successful? I must admit to being really surprised.

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