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    Apr 17, 2011
    I've always fretted over humidity. Usually had decent luck. Decided to try the dry method.
    Set 120 eggs RIR and RIR X EE
    Using 2 incubators
    Incubator--Leahy redwood cabinet style (rescued from a junk pile aka FREE. A bit of weather stripping, new latches, new cord. Fired it up and it runs like a champ). Sets on my open porch. No constant ambient temp or humidity. Humidity varied from high teens to 30%. It took all my willpower to not add water. Temp was almost constant at 99 degrees. The Leahy has the heating element in the bottom. First time I've used a bottom element unit. Much easier to maintain temp with this configuration. I started second guessing myself after I turned the eggs a few times because the eggs felt almost cool to touch. I thought this can't be right but I stayed the course. Much different feel than my higher humidity hatches in the past. The first time I candled I expected to see nothing but was pleasantly surprised. Eggs were turned 3-4 times per day for 17 days. No water added.

    Hatcher--Sears/Roebuck redwood cabinet style (rescued from an old shed. Paid about $50. Had to install new fan but runs great.) Heating element is in the top of this unit. Sets inside a closed barn. Humidity ran a constant 65%. Temp 99 degrees. Put eggs in the evening of day 17. Fan remained ON throughout hatch. Did not open cabinet until late day 21. Eggs started to hatch early on day 20.

    Results--A 90% hatch rate of fertile eggs. All chicks healthy except one chick had splayed legs. We have 3 more sets of eggs in the Leahy and plan to continue using this dry method. It works. Putting set 2 in the hatcher tomorrow night.
    If you get a shot at one of these Leahy incubators you should grab it. I've been impressed with the temp stability especially since it basically sits outdoors.

    No real questions...just sharing what I did. Would welcome any helpful comments (other than move the incubator into my house to get the other 10%---aint gonna happen).
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    love the old redwoods! so dependable congrats.

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