dry or wet hatch Question


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Nov 7, 2008
Ceres, California
well yesterday I got curious about my hatch so I open the blue eggs that didn't hatch.
. I got 4 that hatched 1 died sticky chick,
2 unfertile,
6 looked as they if they died 3 / 4 days before hatching.
So the fertilable was good in the blue eggs. Wish I could have hatched them.
6 BC marans eggs from a different person 4 hatched 2 unfertile.

my BCM eggs 23 only 2 of the egges that didn't hatch were fertile.
the rest were yolks still/ 13 I think 10 hatched

I dry hatched I just wonder if that had something to do with the blue eggs not hatching. Humitity stayed at 30 to 45 %
Which method do you use to hatch you marans? Do you mix the marans eggs and the Americana eggs?
I dont candle because I cannot see though the marans eggs anyway.

I eggs I sold to that gentle man he hatch all but 4 marans egg out of 24 he got 20 BCM Now the EEs eggs he only got 1 chick. I have no idea what method he hatched. Should have asked him. Darn.
how do most of you all hatch dry or wet?
Well I am hook found some turkhens eggs Going to try to hatch some of them.
I have never seen a baby turkhen.
But worried about hatching the different eggs together


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Nov 14, 2009
Boyers, Pa
Ok.....I was always told BCM eggs need higher humidity to hatch because the darker shells are thicker. I hatched pure ameracauna (blue) eggs and wellsummers together with no problem.
I usually hatch around 70% humidity, but leave it around 35 for the first 18 days.
I hatch in a brinsea cabinet bator and get great hatch rates....however, when I used the LG styro bator....I HAD to do higher humidity for the BCM's. I had many many sticky chicks and usually 50% or less hatch rate. A lot of it really depends on how reliable your bator is.

Here's where I'm confused......when you say you opened the eggs that didn't hatch and several were infertile. Did you leave them in the incubator the whole time? Do you candle your eggs? I ask because if you leave infertile eggs in the incubator and they have bacteria in them, eventually they may pop and splatter all over the inside of your incubator killing the developing eggs.


12 Years
Nov 7, 2008
Ceres, California
I only had 2 BCM eggs that were had died chicks in them. Hatched 13 bcs. the rest were not fertile . They were not rotten , nasty Yes. But no development at all. I use the dry method on BCM> When I used the wet met 60% humidity alot of the chicks would die. BCM eggs seemed to hold the moist more..

I ended up with 65% that hatched live chick the other 35% died ahead of time.

none of the eggs exploded. Nor did they leak or anything. they were in bator all the time. I cannot see through the BCM eggs so I do not candle.

I may try to add more water next time to see what happens as the turken eggs dont have the coating like the marans eggs. Like the blue eggs dont have a coating. Maybe dried up to soon. These babies looked to be 4/5 days before hatch.
Had a little mold in the bator when I cleaned it out this morning. Maybe that killed them. Bleached it out real good this morning. Getting ready for the turkhen. Guess I'll never know for sure.

I dont have much with the colored eggs. but I got 3 cute babies from the blue eggs. (Even my EEs ,hens don't have much luck hatch their own eggs. and the eggs are mix with all the neighbor roosters, RRs and whatever.
OH I just have a LG bator I've had as good 80% hatch (was without looking to see what the non hatched egg did.)
and as bad as 30% (was without looking to see what the non hatched egg did)
got and want to know. Bought these blue eggs and wanted to know so the eggs were fertile except 2 I can't complant the eggs were good. Better than my own. So it was probably something I did or didn't do.

Thanks for your reply. and help

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