D'uccle & D'anver size comparison?

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    Mar 29, 2016
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    Sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to post this!

    So I've got 3 Mille fleur D'uccles- two just turned a year , one is over a year. Love D'uccles, I'm supposed to be getting 3 porcelains and 3 golden necks from ideal poultry in late-ish May. So excited! They are such lovely little birds.

    I really wanted D'anvers for quite some time ( we were supposed to get some from a hatchery last year but they all passed.. Won't name hatchery but will never order from them again after loosing almost 70% of our order , at arrival and within a week) One of our friends has three hens and a roo and gave us an egg to hatch. He hatched a a bit over week ago, and while he is super healthy and active, he is really small? We have been weighing him- he's definitely growing, he just hatched at a itty bitty size. I don't remember my D'uccles being that size when they were that young, but I could totally be wrong.

    My mother was helping out said friend at their farm and has seen the potential parents of my baby and has said they look smaller than my D'uccles - closer to the size of my old English game hen.

    But according to the sites I've read, D'anvers are supposedly the same size of D'uccles.

    So is what I've read wrong and they are smaller or is my baby and his parents just not breed standard and smaller for some reason?

    Just curious, I have been pondering this for a few days and wondered if anyone could help my confusion.

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