d'uccle eggs- 1 dozen

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  1. I have some extra eggs-- I honestly thought my flock would slow down, but they haven't. You can click 'Buy it now', but I don't want payment sent until I check to make sure your state doesn't require special paperwork beyond the standard vs 9-3 form to ship there. My flock is NPIP tested pullorum typhoid free # 43-711. Most have been averaging around a 50% hatch rate with my eggs. You will get eggs from my all porcelain pens and a few eggs from my Mille Fleur pen (which has some porcelain heritage). $20 shipped for a dozen eggs. I am doing this to promote the breed, which is a wonderful and easily tamed bantam with daily contact. They are VERY underrepresented at shows. Hens make good mamas when they do go broody, which is in my flock about twice per year in droves. I currently have some test eggs out on my mille pen, to check their fertility. You can browse the d'uccle thread to learn all about this breed and see pics of babies hatched from my eggs.

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    MAN If my incubator wasn't full I would be jumping all over these!!!
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    Oh they're precious!! [​IMG]

    I sure wish I had the money! I have 2 incubators going, and two off! Never run outa room here, just money! [​IMG]

    ~ Aspen

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