D'uccle rooster with large breed hens-questions!


8 Years
Sep 19, 2011
Plantsville, CT
Has anyone mixed larger breed hen's with a d'uccle roo? We have blue lace wyandotte, 2 easter eggers, australorps and Wyandotte s that are mature and laying. In a pandemic panic we got 5 white laced chicks, 2 australorps chicks and the lady gave us a porcelain d'uccle chick that is 99% a roo. He is the cutest ever and gets along great With the chicks he is growing up with.They are all outside but separated into areas of the coop and run.I have 2 concerns About when we finally mix them. They see each other all day,But I'm nervous about the other 1's going after him. Also since he is going to be so much smaller than all of our hens, is it likely that he will try to breed with them? Since Getting him we have read wonderful things about the breed And we are really hoping to make it work with him and our flock. I have also read that they are not particularly noisy, except for the hens when they lay eggs but we don't have any, just the 1 roo. Any insight, advice is welcomed!
I integrated a D'Uccle pullet with large breed, no problems. Do you have another rooster? Little cockerel will try to mate w them, but the big girls may not allow that. At first, they will keep all the youngsters under their stern guidance. But I never saw that size made a difference, just age.
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We are hoping to keep it if it is a roo. Technically We are not supposed to have them but most of our neighbors Are a little distance away. Somebody does have a rooster in our area because we can hear it, I read that They are not a particularly noisy breed So hopefully we will be able to keep him,If it turns out he is a roo
The size difference won't matter, and he will be beautiful!
Bantam roosters have a higher pitched crow than the big birds but he will crow! Most of my d'Uccle roosters have been polite little guys, but not all, so if he shows human aggressive tendencies be ready to move him on. If it's illegal to have roosters where you live, consider rehoming him sooner, rather than after you get in trouble over him.

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