Duck Addicts Anonymous (DAA)

Do you have too many ducks?

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Call Duck obsessed! 🦆💕
Mar 14, 2020
Hello all! Before we begin, ask yourself these vital questions:
Have you ever used ducks to self medicate? Have you ever tried to quit adding ducks and failed? Have you searched for ducks at hours on end? Do loved ones tell you that you have too many ducks? Do you spend a majority of your day thinking about ducks and adding more? Have you ever broken the law to obtain ducks? Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop adding ducks?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions see below:
This thread is for those of you, such as myself, that find themselves battling the never ending addiction to ducks. My journey started with 4 ducks and has led me to 21. I like many others find myself obsessing over ducks and constantly adding more. Welcome to Duck Addicts Anymous (not to be confused with Drug Addicts Anonymous).

Duck Addicts Anonymous is a three step program focused on helping you overcome your dangerous duck addiction.

Step 1: Count your ducks. (If you have over 15, you might want to admit you have a problem)

Step 2: We admit we are powerless to the ducks and that the ducks have taken over our lives.

Step 3: We give up because the ducks are too darn cute to resist and the temptation is too much to bear! Might as well build a bigger duck pen.

If you have gotten to step 3, you have realized that the compulsion to add more ducks is just too great. What’s one (or two, or three or four) more anyway… :lau

This leads us to my story.

The root of my duck addiction goes back to my childhood where we raised jumbo Pekins growing up. My personal duck addiction started back in 2010 with pekin ducklings. I had these ducks a very short time due to a sudden move. After this, I was unable to get the idea of ducks out of my head. A few years back I added 4 ducks to my little homestead. Sadly I lost my original flock to a predator; however, I was able to salvage their eggs (from the fridge) and hatch three miracle ducklings. I currently have one duck left from that hatch. I added a rescue drake (crested Rouen mix). Last year I added 7 call ducks. Since then that number has grown to 19 call ducks. I hatched most of them myself. Hatching itself is a whole other addiction but we won’t get into that… :gig

I currently have pending purchases of a show quality call duck pair, and some quality black East Indies. I have 2 eggs due to hatch this week, at least a dozen saved, and I have a broody call sitting on a large clutch.

Feel free to share all your duck stories below! Meetings will commence on a weekly basis to see how many ducks are being added… :lol:
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