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Sep 1, 2011
I have an Aylesbury duck who was attacked by a fox last year (4 of her mates were killed) The vet patched her up (£300!) and all seemed ok but very soon afterwards she developed a limp and spends most of her time sitting now. She grooms, bathes and eats and seems reasonably happy however now the weather has turned her underside feathers are wet and dirty most of the time. I am finding it hard to be objective about all this as she has been through so much, what should I do if anything? your advice would be much appreciated.
I would say she is a special needs duck, I would figure out how to let her swim in water deep enough to float in as often as possible. If it gets and stays very cold where you are, it could mean some extra work, and I would ask for help if that seemed too much for me alone.

If she has a favorite spot I would work on placing fresh straw or similar bedding material around that spot to keep her up out of the mud.

Vitamin supplements might help her, also.
Thank you for your help. She isn't contained at the moment, she is in around 3/4 of an acre with some mates! I think I may have to pen her in with a shelter of some sort. What do you think? and which supplements might help her?
I have put her in a run covered in straw and a small shelter ,I am hoping she will go under at night/when it rains. Its difficult for her to get into anything high cos of her leg, but her usual low bucket is in there with her. I examined her and the joint of the poorly leg is swollen & a bit warm, any ideas about that?
A couple of ideas.

One, it could be arthritis. That can follow injury. Perhaps you could look into whether MSM, often used as an anti-inflammatory in mammals, would work for ducks (I would do it but am pressed for time).

The other, more urgent possibility is infection in the joint, and that would need antibiotics. With her other behaviors as you describe, I think this is less likely. Go with your gut, though. If you have access to a vet, this may be a time to have this checked. Depending on the vet, you may get some good help or not. Some just are in tune with ducks more than others.
The metacam seems to be working she is more mobile, however I now have a quandry, do I let her back with her friends ( and then I have to catch her every day to give her medicine ) or do I keep her in the pen for the foreseable future. I love/hate owning animals!

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