Duck ate one Chocolate Chip, any advice???

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14 Years
Jul 8, 2009
Eldersburg, Maryland
Hi everyone,

Our baby duck, maybe 6 weeks old, grabbed up one of the chocolate chips from my daughter. Any advice on what to do?? We were thinking try and get it to eat lots of food and then let her swim in the bathtub hoping she would drink a lot of water??

Thanks for any suggestions.
Don't worry would be my advice. If you feel it's best, give her/him a tablespoon of cold pressed olive oil as a gentle laxative, depending of course on the duckling's size (less or more)... But chances are the duckling will be fine.

You hear a lot of scary stuff about dogs, cats, chickens, other animals, and the fatal effects of them eating raisins, chocolates, etc... But I think most of it is blown out of proportion.

We're being told all dogs are allergic to raisins and chocolate but my dogs ate both and never had a problem, and throughout recent history, especially in Europe and Arabia, raisins were a common thing fed to highly prized dogs and other animals, and chocolate was not linked to deaths. I think some individuals are very sensitive but the rest are not. Same with many things you hear about chickens, geese, ducks, etc; the outright death case from eating chocolate or raisins or whatever is not as common as it may seem.

Best wishes.
Thank you for your reply. The little one made it through the night ok, so I guess it will be fine. No more eating cookies with the baby ducks around ;-)

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