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We had planned on getting another set of hatching eggs after this group hatched so that once they started breeding we didn't necessarily have the problem of imbreeding but after the stress of it all we decided to just get ducklings. We haven't a clue what breed this little guys are as they came from a free-roaming farm (pics attached if you think you can help I.D.) and we were wondering if we needed to be concerned about any particular breeds not getting along with them? It may sound like an elementary question but I would rather ask then get stuck with a big problem in a few weeks when they arrive LoL and also, where is a good place to order them from?
They look a bit like Cayuga ducklings with the little yellow bits on their chins
I've kept a few breeds together before and not had any problems but they all hatched and were brooded together apart from one Aylesbury drake who's was fully grown when I added to the flock and he was fine.

These were my Cayuga babies apart from the yellow one thats a Runner duck.

Just had a thought to confuse you even more this was my black Muscovy duckling
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Oh they look just like your Cayugas! They are the cutest little things ever...I keep them in the garage in their brooder and I've been checking on them constantly...everytime I go in they try climbing up the sides to get to mom..I love this whole imprinting thing
I ended up going to my local farm supply store and they had some Pekin ducklings for sale, a little bit older and bigger but they seem to be getting along just ducky so far

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