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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by sanchabird, Mar 10, 2014.

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    I'm not sure exactly what to use for a duck brooder. For chicks I usually use a plastic storage bin but I'm not sure since the ducks get bigger fast. With the chicks, I usually switch to a large dog crate for about 2 weeks, when the heat lamp is no longer needed (about 5 weeks) but I've heard and read that ducks grow a lot faster than chicks. Could you please post pics of your duck brooder so I can get an idea of what to use (not cardboard as it gets wet and soggy).
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    Jan 11, 2012
    I don't have any pics handy, but I just bought four ducklings last wed. I started the ducklings in a large tote that I start all my chicks in. Yesterday, I moved them into a 10x6 larger brooder. I'm thinking this will last 4 weeks. They had outgrown the tote in less than a week.

    Here's how I built the brooder:

    2-10' 2x10"s
    2 - 6' 2X 10"s
    6 - 8' 2X4"s (you can use 2x3"s)
    1 - 50' roll of 3' black plastic fencing (like this). I paid $18 for mine. HD seems high on their price

    Assemble the 2X10"s in a 10X6 fashion. Screw or nail in place
    Cut the 2x4"s in half. Screw the cut 2x4"s into the insider corners of the 10X6. It will look like an "L" shape.
    Screw two of the cut 2x4"s onto the each of the insider center walls.
    Staple the three foot fencing material around the perimeter.
    Make a door however you see fit
    I've filled the brooder with animal bedding.

    In terms of hanging a 250w light....

    I built a structure that rises above my brooder using 2x6's Think if a frame that rises from the floor, over the brooder, than back onto the floor (a flat U). The brooder light hang from a hook.

    I think my all in costs are around $50-$60. Well worth it. You can take it apart easily after your done for storing or you can sell it at a discount and do it again when you need it. The animals are very comfortable. You can move in and out for cleaning with ease
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