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Jul 11, 2016
Hello all,

I live south of Denver in a small suburb. I am wondering what kind of coops & runs people are giving their ducks with smaller space. I can not let them free range because the hawks have been 'hawking' them so to speak, everytime i have them out in the yard freely. My ducks do not seem to really even roam at all, they sit in the same 2x2 area in front of my deck steps. I have one male and one female Pekin ducks, they are about 5 weeks now. From everything that I have read they need LOTS of space but do they really when they barely walk around? They seem genuinely happy just playing in the pool or standing in one spot on the grass preening. Any advice is helpful. I want to give them adequate space for when I am at work in the daytime.

my husband was suggesting something this size for them while we are at work in the daytime, is this sufficient? I really need anyones help with advice please & thank you.


Hi and welcome to BYC! So I looked at the link with the coop. It would be really hard for your ducks to walk up and down that ramp. You would have to pick them up and put them in there yourself. You could actually buy materials to build a coop for cheaper.

If you have any other questions let me know.
thats exactly what i was thinking when i saw it. do you think that the size is enough? i just worry about the space people are saying which i dont understand because mine just sit at the deck stairs all day even at times i have walked away they stay in the same spot, is that normal for pekin? seeing that you live in wisconsin, do you suggest that whatever run area we build around the house would need to be roofed due to snow/hail etc? or can we leave it open air
The size is good. At 5 weeks old ducklings are kind of lazy. As they get older they will become more active. My Pekin did act like that when she was 5 weeks old. Well I have not yet experienced winter with my ducks, I got them this year. I don't think the run should be roofed, if ever does hail you should put them in the coop.
what about for a full grown, everyone says a much larger area which just isnt feasible for me unfortunately. the biggest we can have is 8ft by 5. i already just feel defeated
Yes the size of the coop is good for two full grown ducks. Which can be 8 by 5 the coop or the run?
Don't feel bad, you will be able figure something out.
A 10x10 dog run with a Dog house is large enough to house six ducks.
Free range while your home. Young Ducks tend to stick around the people who care for them because they seek you out as protection...All birds watch for Hawks....Cover the run also.
it would be the entire area, enclose a house within the 8by5 space bigger would be great but id have to chop a tree down..
at what age do they tend to roam a bit more on their own? i told my husband to just put bird netting over the entire yard and they can have it all, he did not approve, haha
Mine I kept back this year are 4 months old and still love staying close to me. I only free range when I sit with them. I have chickens also and those buggers are all over the place...Prefer the fact that the Ducks stay near me. Have a Fox problem here.
Try calling them to follow you, they will get braver if your with them. Mine follow me all over the place. If I let out a loud Quack they all run back to their safety zone....Crazy Ducks.....

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