Duck Disappearance - Hiding?


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Nov 9, 2019
We have 3 Cayugas, approximately 11-12 weeks old. They’re inseparable and this morning I was shocked to only see 2 of them.

We haven’t had any predator problems this year (last year we lost 3 chickens over the summer free ranging). 1 was snatched by a bobcat down by our Brook. The other 2 were unknowns daytime disappearances. This is the first night time occurrence.

The ducks stay in our fenced in area and don’t usually free range the main yard even though they have the option to exit under the fence. We also have goats in the same fenced area. I’m assuming the worst, she was snatched up in the night. We have had a raccoon snooping around our trash in recent weeks too. But it does require a predator to get through 2 rounds of fencing. The main fence and the duck run fence.

They have a house and run but the run isn’t complete with a roof yet so it is possible for something to get in (that’s changing today).

We were out late last night and I checked on everyone around midnight when I got home, I swore I counted 3 heads but 2 chickens didn’t make it in before the auto door so I got distracted putting them in the coop.

Is there any chance this Cayuga is hiding in the vegetation in our yard for any reason?? I think it’s a bit early to be laying an egg but I’m not sure if I should have any hope still or should I just continue on believing it was definitely a predator. My other 2 aren’t jumpier than normal or louder - and I have one that has no problem telling you when somethings wrong.
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It could be laying eggs at that age. My call ducks are laying around that age.
You probably haven't been giving any oyster shell, so you may want to set some out if they want any.
They’ve been getting chicken eggs & shells frequently as a snack. Plus there is oyster shell out for my chickens so they may have taken some too.
Hope that I am wrong, but it is most likely that a predator has taken the duck.
That’s my first instinct. It’s the first time we’ve ever had a predator get into the fenced in areas if so. I’m hoping she turns up by bed but if she doesn’t I’ll know it was a predator.

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