Duck Egg Dead or alive??? Help????


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Sep 15, 2013
Its my first time hatching a duck egg and i need help. i found a duck egg on my family's farm.the egg was i decided to take it home and hatch it at home under a heat lamp. i have had the egg for about one month and some more days. the egg has had gradual development.When i candle the egg i can see the embryo in the egg.I also have done the float test on the egg. the egg floated and bubble in the water. also around the egg their were tiny air bubbles as in the embryo was breathing in the egg while in the water.I'm worried because it has taken too much time for the duckling to hatch.... here is a picture of my lil duckling.....please tell me if it is dead or alive?????? the duck egg is under a heat lamp at 98 degrees i have a thermometer.

This is a picture of the back of the egg. bellow is the picture in the front were the embryo can be seen.

Here is another picture of the front of the egg....bellow is it....

Help please....... Is it dead or alive.......
I am not a hatcher, but try posting this on

There are many hatchers there.

Also, read this

Duck eggs need loads of moisture especially right before coming out - is the egg on a very moist towel? The membrane can wrap around them if it is too dry. You may also want to spritz it with lukewarm or warm water.

I am making some guesses based on what I have read, just trying to help.
Thank you,
well in regards to the moister level i keep a damp towel around the lil box am keeping the egg near its towel its wrapped up in. then i also placed a plastic wrap over the lil box to keep in the humidity. as it heats up the water vapor can bee seen over the plastic. so then the egg has humidity..... but i recently stared doing this... i read it off this same backyard chickens.....Oh please help is it dead or alive...... the egg even passed the sniffed test....
I wish I could do more - this is an area I have no experience with. drat!

Is it moving? Ducklings take a very long time to finish hatching. I have read that you want to keep the moisture up.

Is it peeping?
well when i hold it in my hand i can almost feel a lil heart beat.But it isn't peeping. But the air sac has slanted already but clearly needs to get bigger.... i don't know if it is alive or dead....and i don't want to pull the plug on my lil bby....Duckling
wel i did a snif test today n my duck egg sad bt i wil keep trying.

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