Duck egg pipped at wrong end?

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  1. dmcdon4519

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    Nov 4, 2014
    help!!! I have a wood duck egg that has pipped at the wrong end. there is also another egg I put in the incubator the same day as this egg and I can see it has internally pipped. Should I wait to help the one until the other is unzipping?
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    Hi :welcome

    The above link link is a good read on assisted hatching. From the initial pip you should wait at least 12 hours before even thinking of helping the duckling. Jumping in too early can cause more harm than good. They can sometimes hatch on their own even if they pip the wrong end.

    Please read the link if you feel you need to help it's very good talks you right through everything.

    Good luck and hope the duckling makes it :fl
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    I wait at least 24 hours before helping a chick that pipped the wrong end... I would say 24 to 36+ hours for a duck because they take longer to absorb yolk and hatch than chickens. I just make sure they can breathe while we wait.

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