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Khaki Campbells, Welsh Harlequins, and Indian Runners should all lay more eggs than chickens. Most of the other breeds will lay a lot of eggs in the spring and summer, but the 3 listed above will lay all year round.
For the top five, I'd add magpies and anconas, based on data from Storey's Guide (Dave Holderread). But ChickenToes is quite right on that those three--campbells, harlequins, runners--are best choices for top egg production.
Khaki's and runners normally don't go broody. It can happen but it isn't the norm.

If you want a duck that lays eggs like a champ but can also brood its own, you want Welsh Harlequins
Ugh... so why cant I find 5 ducks... the minium on anything is 15.... thats alot of ducks...

Well... I guess I can raise them and then figure out the sexes... set up a breeding group and then eat the rest?
Try advertising on craigslist that you want to split an order with someone. That's how I got my first batch, and it worked very well. McMurray will ship 10 at a time. Good luck!
You can do a small order of Welsh Harlequins from Metzer. Another byc member and I split an order of 6. It as extra, but worth it.
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