Duck eggs hatching early


May 10, 2015
Hi All,

I've hatched duck eggs once before last year and this year, one of my ducks made a nest of her own. A day after she started sitting on them, she was hit by a car so I took in the eggs to hatch myself. It is day 23 and I went to rotate the eggs and noticed a pip in one already. After a bit of candleing, I noticed a couple others that are trying to pip and chirping but others that don't look like it. Any advice for what I should do? I'm worried about putting them in lockdown when some still need to be rotated. Any help would be great!

I've never done duck eggs before, but with chicken eggs I would put into lockdown, and leave them one is pipped, the temp probably ran a bit high, and they developed faster, the few that didn't will be harmed less by going into lockdown, than the ones who are ready to go,an dneed the higher humidity. This is my experience from reading about chickens anyway

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