Duck Eggs (i know it is only chickens but need some help)


8 Years
Jan 8, 2012
My Pekin female has laid some eggs in a nest that she built but where we live it is very cold outside this time of year. They are in our garage and she has built a nest out of hay and for the most part she is sitting on them for most of the day. But i am worried that they might freeze or worse she is sitting on them and they are not fertile. I was just hoping for some advice, and maybe to tell if i should just get rid of the eggs because they are not fertile. Thanks again
Duck eggs are delicious..... If there isn't a drake around and you know they are not fertile, then just grab them and enjoy. Ducks do not lay constantly as chickens do.... they have spurts. Then they stop egg-laying sometimes for months. No dad around, then the eggs are certainly ready for the frying pan. If they might be fertile, and toy WANT more ducks then do nothing.
well.. first.. do you have a male duck that's old enough to be the dad?

if so, you can wait 10 days and candle a few to see if they are showing any signs of life

my ducks and chickens have all laid eggs and gone broody in the dead of winter and hatched out babies (even when we had a bit of snow)
yes there is a male and they are "active" but i think i should try candling them maybe that is something that i should do first how will i get them away from her let her outside maybe while i do it quickly? thanks again this has helped for sure!!!
1. Do you have a drake?
2. Pekin are a breed that can lay most of the year if you don't let her go broody, and they are not known for going broody.
3. Their eggs are great for eating, but if you are letting them sit I would throw out the older ones and grab them as they are laid.

If they are fertile you have two options
try and see if she will go brood them.
incubate for 28 days... And the third option is to still eat them

Good luck!

I personally would take the eggs away if you live in a cold climate because brooding eggs takes a lot of reserves that your duck may need to get through the winter. She'll lay again, hopefully when it's warmer. As long as the eggs aren't too old, they're tasty.
There is a drake and like i said they are in my garage so they are not out in the elements if anything they are very pampered ducks lol and thank you for all the help it is much appreciated as have never had ducks before until this year and they are by far the best ever. I highly recommend them as they are very sweet. I lost 4 from my group of 7 to a fox so i would not be to upset if i happen to find ducklings one day. I am looking for a runner duck so any info on where to find a good egg buying site would be great. Thanks again

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