Duck eggs in lockdown day 26, stopped moving

Sue S

Mar 7, 2018
Hi, I have 4 duck eggs in lockdown since yesterday today is day 26, 2 were moving lastnite & the other 2 were moving this morning around 5am, now nothing. Is everything ok?????
I found close to the hatch date that the embryos don't move around a lot. It's possibly due to lack of space in the shell by that time. Try not to worry or handle the eggs too much now. If everything was o.k. until now, chances are they will be fine come hatching day. Keep us posted please!
Thank you, I have not opened the incubator since lockdown, I just keep looking threw the window at them every 5 mins like a crazy person!!!!!
Great!!!!! all 4 hatched, the incubator stopped working correctly after the first 2 hatched & I had too assist with the last 2 but all are healthy. I have 3 females & 1 male, love them to death they are my babies!!!!:)

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