Duck Eggs-should I see movement at day 24 of incubation?


8 Years
Apr 24, 2011
My two duck eggs are now at day 24 of their incubation in the Little Giant 9200 incubator. There was a temperature spike last night and the eggs got up to about 103 for sometime less than 7 hours. The last time I candled the eggs was a few days ago, and I could see the babies moving around. I just now candled the eggs, and all I can see is mostly darkness around the air sac with a few veins on the edge. I can't distinguish any movement, so I'm really concerned, but I wanted to ask what your thoughts were on this, because I thought it might just be because the ducklings were so crowded in the egg at this point they're not moving as much. I did candle the eggs this morning right after the temp spike and I thought I detected a little movement in one of them, but I'm not positive. Thanks!
its really really hard to see when they are that close to hatching. You have to look for the tiniest little movement. I have sworn all my eggs were dead when I put them into lockdown because they werent moving & then they hatched. I guess they just get so squished in there that they cant really move too much.
Thanks! I checked again today and saw definite movement, so I feel better now. Lockdown starts tomorrow-wish me luck! :)

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