Duck Eggs Under Momma


9 Years
Oct 8, 2012
Willamette Valley, Oregon
So, I have ten duck eggs under a duck hen. 9 are on day 21, and 1 on day 20. I candled them tonight, and they look like they are more on day 24-26. Do duck eggs under a duck hatch in less time than in an incubator? This is my first time with broody ducks, so not sure. Thanks in advance!
In my experience most eggs hatch roughly when they are supposed to and always when they are ready, whether under a bird or in an incubator. A good broody maintains the "perfect" environment for hatching eggs, so they should arrive on their due and expected dates. Though, that being said, I've had my share of surprises under hens over the years! lol Best of luck with the hatch and keep us posted, please.

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