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Feb 4, 2009
Help I have found twenty one eggs in a nest should I leave them or try to incubate them. I have no broody hens or ducks do I just throw them out they obviously have been intentionally laying in one spot, but what do I do?
How can I tell if their fertile this soon I know to candle them after eight days in incubation, but you you give me any tips.
I may be wrong here, but I don't believe you can candle the eggs and see if they are fertile, unless that have been incubated for a certain number of day's. You can how ever crack the egg open and look for a bulls eye, but then you wouldn't be able to incubate them. If you have a drake then there is a very good chance they are fertile and I would put them in the bator, If you want babies that is.
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Have several drakes and want babies, but is there a possibility that they will eventually set on them; if I move them will it ruin my chances of one going broody. Do they just last a bunch of eggs and set when it suits them or is it to early for ducks to set. I want babies so bad and there are 21 eggs it feels like such a shame to leave them, but at the same time is there any sense in leaving them? I need advice!!!
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What breed of duck are we talking about here. Some will not go broody typically and to leave them would be a waste.
The one that is more than likely the layer is solid black with white speckles on her hed or possibly a kaki colored duck not great with species. The green head mallard its the female of the breed I think. Last year they did the same thing I found over fouty eggs and no hen in site, they free range. Would it help if I lock up all my ducks or will it just stress them to do so, I raised all of these from babies and they have always ran freely, but they have never set.

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