duck eggs???


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
I have a female rouen and a male peking who have been uhmmm "extra friendly" for awhile now. One of my chickens (whose about a month older than the ducks) laid her first egg the other day which reminded me my girl duck probably needs to do the same thing.

When do rouens lay eggs? How do I provide her an appropriate place to lay her eggs? How do I know when she is ready to lay an egg? Any other helpful advice is welcomed!!

As you can guess I'm a duck beginner - my chicken made it easy on me by sitting on the couch and scratching at the junk mail. I'm guessing I won't get as much help from my duck.
Ducks in general are sexually mature from 6months+ and lay eggs from then on too... not sure if it is the same for all breeds though. If your ducks have a coop/house, the female will probably lay in there if that is her 'comfy place' where she is happy to sleep at night etc. Our ducks usually lay in the house they sleep in. Sometimes you might get one that lays in the middle of the grass however, so just check wherever your duck likes to sit for periods of time... that's the second most likely place she'll lay as long as she feels safe. But as a rule, mine usually lay in the house... they make a nest out of the straw we put in there with them and will sleep and lay their eggs there. So I guess as long as she has somewhere to shelter with some bedding, she'll probably go there to sleep and lay her eggs when she's ready
My Rouen as you have been told began laying around 6mos. BUT! she lays anywhere she gets the urge. No nest, just down.

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