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    My husband works with a guy who has ducks and has asked me to hatch some for him. I have a Hova Bator 1588 with a chicken egg sized turner. Do I hatch the ducks as if they are chickens and will they fit in my egg turner?[​IMG]
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    Ducks usually need a little more humidity during hatching than chickens, and of course they usually take 28 days instead of 21, but that really depends on what breed the eggs are from. Also, some people spray them with water and give the eggs a cooling down period daily starting at day 7, but then again others don't do this. Ducks love to take their time and tend to take a lot longer from pip to hatch than chickens, so don't worry if they're slow to hatch. The eggs should fit in the auto turner. I prefer to hand turn duck eggs, though, because I seem to get a better hatch rate that way.

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    Quote:i have hatched ducks in the same incubator

    they fit fine you just have to separate the racks

    make sure thge eggs dont hit the racks or the eggs

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