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    I am not a health department staffer, just someone who has raised ducks for over three years most recently (and many years ago for a few years).

    I also eat duck eggs over easy. Had one yesterday afternoon. Still standing this morning.

    There is a spectrum of belief, philosophy, and feelings about food safety. While I have studied germ theory and am aware of standard hygiene practices, I am not one to worry a whole lot about runny yolks.

    If I recall correctly, some years back, it was illegal in New Jersey to serve eggs with runny yolks. I kid you not. I also recall that since then, the law was rescinded. (For kicks, if you can find a recording of "Eggs Like These," you might enjoy it. It was a parody song about eating eggs over easy.)

    Apparently in the UK there has been an increase in salmonella poisoning. And if that is the case, I can see advising caution.

    My approach is to keep the ducks as healthy as I can, and their environment as healthy as I can. Oh, and to keep me as healthy as I can (immune system and all that). Before I cook an egg, I do the float test. If I am going to do anything other than boil the eggs, I then crack the egg into a clear container. I check for bits of egg shell, and take a look. Rarely there is a gray blob in the egg. Nothing to worry about.
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