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    Nov 3, 2014
    My duck has had her first two eggs today. The first one she had is hard and brown. A few hours later she had another one but this one is soft and white colored. I'm not sure if they are fertilized but she has been with male ducks not to long ago. Is there a way to see if there are any babies in them? Why is one of her eggs softer than the other one?
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    If these are her very first eggs that could be the reason they are different because she is getting used to producing eggs and they don't always get it right from the beginning. Things may need time to settle down with her and to get in to the full flow of egg production.
    There is no way of knowing if the eggs are fertile unless you incubate them to see if they develop or not. Usually breeders crack so many eggs open to check for the bullseye on the yolk before proceeding with incubation with other eggs.
    Many people including me don't like to incubate eggs from birds that have just started laying, a good hatch is more likely from good quality and well formed egg. Although this is personnel preference and people do get good hatches from very new laid eggs.
    Wishing you the very best of luck :frow

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