Duck forum moved to folders?

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8 Years
Feb 7, 2011
Is anyone interested in working in some subfolders in this duck forum in addition to the index. I could help with this.
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That would be great! I'm not sure how that stuff is done, but i would be willing to try to help. I think it would make the forum even better!
Whoever administers this forum would have to set it up or give a few select people admin rights to work on it. Then we would just have to organize all the messages by topic. I am not sure who is in charge though.
PM Nifty-Chicken, and see what she thinks.

Go down to "Send Private Message", and ask her about it.

ETA: She is the Administrator
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We have discussed subforums before and at this time it is not something that will be done in the near future.

Thanks for the idea!
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