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Apr 22, 2014
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Anyone want to try and explain duck genetics for me? Lol, this is my situation: My uncle is giving me 3 snowy call duckling (still incubating, so gender unknown) and I THINK that they are from his two call ducks: but I have no idea what breeds they are. They could be gray calls, (mallard type) or snowy. He got them from a bird swap and I dont know if they were brother/sister or if they are distantly related or if they are even realted at all. I dont know if she had been (for lack of better words) mated with. I also want to breed these ducks once I get them, but then there is the possibility of in-breeding and that could be bad in case something were to go wrong with one of the ducklings. So if you could explain that or the duck genetics that bring things like this around that would be great lol.
I bought storeys guide on ducks and it's shows every genetic trait for every duck breed and how they all came to be. And it also shows how to breed if you wanted certain traits in your duck

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