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Dec 3, 2015
I have 5 week old khaki campbell ducks that were frightened and ran within their pen and one immediately started having problems walking. She walks on elbows. There is no external injury. She can move both legs. I don't think it's slipped tendons. I'm thinking nerve injury. Has anyone ever had this happen? I'm wondering if she will hopefully show improvement with time.

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Oct 21, 2015
Could be a simple sprain. First separate the duck from the rest of the flock so that the injury doesn't get worse from running around. Pick up the duck and check it's feet and make sure there are no scrapes or cuts or unusual bumps. Then feel up the leg and check to see if there is any swelling or warmth.

If there is no obvious signs of anything out of the ordinary then keep her isolated and monitor her. Give her a tub of water to sit in so she can take the weight off the leg. Keep her isolated and the mini bath available until she starts walking normally again.

If there is swelling or warmth then you may want to soak the leg in Epsom Salts to bring down the swelling - but don't let her drink the Epsom salt water as it is a laxative. You'll have to hold her while soaking so you can keep her from drinking it.

Sprains can take a few days to several weeks to heal depending on the severity.

If there are any cuts then you need to clean them and treat with a wound care such as Veterycin and keep her feet clean and dry until they heal.

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