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Aug 17, 2014
I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice. I've had this duckling (Daisy) for 6 weeks. She is 6 1/2 weeks old now. When she used to drink she used to throw her head back. Since getting older this now does not happen anymore but from about 3 weeks we have noticed that she breathes heavy. She eats and drinks well and seems very happy. Could it be the bedding that upsets her even though it is Dust free and i change it everyday, or is it just what ducks of this age tend to do?
Thank you.
How warm is the brooder?
Well they are living outside with no lamp at the moment. I know it is a lot earlier than a lot of people take their ducks off the lamp but they really didn't need it. I live in England (I know many people who use this forum are from America), and the ducks were extremely excited to get away from the lamp and outside as soon as possible and they already seem to have their adult feathers. They have a house which is protected from the wind by trees, a wall and a fence. Although the nights can be cold, when I went outside to check on them one evening I was surprised at how warm they managed to make the house. It has plenty of ventilation though and out of the three ducks I have only one (Daisy) seems to heavy breathe. Particularly when she is resting. Sorry for the bad photo, but it shows their house.
Got it! Sounds good. Daisy may have a respiratory infection, and if so it could either be bacterial or fungal. At this point, I would put a sprinkling of oregano on the feed and watch and listen closely. She could have allergies.

(From a mainstream news source - there is much more written about oregano on alternative health sites - )
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Thank you for the advice. If it was a bacterial or fungal infection what would be the best to do? Should I contact the vet or is there something else I can try?
If you have a vet, I would go that route if possible. I know some vets are, well, not duck-oriented, but some are. Even those who aren't duck experts can recognize some kinds of problems that someone else might not.

When Carmella had laryngitis, I took her to the vet for a look-see, and found to my relief she did not have gapeworms or any other obvious infestation or infection. I went from there with home remedies and she was fine in a few days.
Sorry to hear about Carmella, glad she is ok now. And yes our vet isn't the most duck-orientated. Where I am the idea of having pet ducks is more than a little bit strange :D but i wouldn't of had it any other way they are amazing pets. So should the oregano be dried or as a leaf?
I still would take her to the vet if you suspect anything. You cannot underestimate how dangerous a respiratory infection can be, especially in young ducks.
I still would take her to the vet if you suspect anything. You cannot underestimate how dangerous a respiratory infection can be, especially in young ducks.
Ok thank you, I'll look into it. It is just very strange because she is extremely healthy and is bigger than the other ducks eating healthy and running and swimming around. Also we've taken her to the vets before and it caused a lot of stress to her so if it is curable at home (e.g. just an allergy) I am sure Daisy would be happier. Thank you so much everyone though for the advice I really appreciate it!

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