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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by duck15, Jan 25, 2012.

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    i bought a duckling last year and it liked me alot before when it was 6 months old i bought him a partner then it started to walk away from me his partner another pekin duck was so afraid of humans . then i asked someone to feed it because im in high school and have no time then today i walk up to them and got the partner but my other duck the one that used to love me so much bit me like hell. how do i make both of them like me ?
    i think my duck is not afraid of me maybe his just following the partner that possible?
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    Ducks are amazing - it is not always easy to figure out what's going on with them.

    Sometimes what will happen is a drake will be protective of a female, or will reach an age of sexual maturity and begin trying to be the boss.

    Other times something we don't know about has happened to scare the duck and they get defensive.

    If it's been scared, a slow patient approach with treats and time together helps.

    For dominance (being boss) picking the duck up (carefully - protect yourself without hurting the duck) and carrying it around can help.

    Do a search on the duck forum for managing pushy drakes. Try some keyword phrases like aggressive drake, or drake biting.

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