Duck house made out of pallets.... HELP

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    Mar 20, 2017
    I'm working on making duck house out of pallets... How big does it need to be?!? How many pallets do i need?!? What do i need for door and floor?!? Any suggestions and pictures welcome

    I have 2 ducks... 1 perkin and i'm thinking other is a black runner....
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    Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks recommends:

    Our duck house is about 4' by 8' including three litter boxes for nesting boxes and we currently have 6 ducks. I'd feel okay about adding up to 2 more ducks in our current set-up, but only because they are only in their house at night, not at all during the day.

    Make sure your door is wide enough that both ducks can get through at the same time - otherwise you might end up with a ducky traffic jam! :lol: Sometimes one of mine at the back will jump-fly over the other'S heads if she decides they are too slow going down the ramp!

    Whatever you do, make sure that the house is predator proof. Pretend you are a hungry raccoon/bobcat/weasel/insert local predator and try to get to the tasty ducks inside. (I've been told that based on our secure our duck house is, I apparently have a very vivid imagination! Lol.)

    Also, keep in mind what you are going to use for bedding and how you are going to remove it. We use a lazy style deep bedding method and I add new straw on top almost every day because ducks poop a lot. A lot. I wish that the long side of our duck house came off because even though doorway is about 3 feet wide, it is still a pain to stir up the used bedding or remove it.

    Post pics of your process! I'd love to see it because I've thought about a pallet house for the ducks after we move.
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