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Nov 1, 2010
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Need to get some plans together for our duck house...
we have 12 welsh harlequin ducklings, but won't be keeping them all
thru the winter, so I would say a duck house big enough to
house 6 ducks. During the nice weather I am sure they will be outside most
of the time, but we will want to lock them up at night to avoid predation.
Anyone have any pictures they can share of their duck diggs??

This is a shot of the inside.. we recently made an addition out the one side to add more room lol

We have Muscovy so my hens love to roost up on that shelf, that big box is a nest box but we actually have moved it back recently. I think the key is assessing your weather and your basic usage.. ours has 3 windows.. we grabbed antique ones and then screwed down hardware cloth to the inside. The floor is wood and then has stall mats(rubber) layered over top.

I will see if i can grab a new outdoor shot, we are still applying old barn boards as siding ...

Here is an updated outside shot from today lol It's slowly being sided with old barn boards, makes it just blend into the place and i like how it looks old... I did paint the windows purple to be a touch quirky, hard to tell but it has an addition off the one side.. you can sorta see the light coloured wood in the cedars.

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I confess, I usually do quite well with uploads, and I, for the life of me, cannot remember how to upload photo's to this site.


I will be back when I have time to relearn. Again. I'm slipping.

Meanwhile, picture this: 4'x8' double walled plywood, 4' tall, with sloped roof of polycarbonate corrugated roofing for light. All openings covered with half inch hardware cloth. Walls insulated with vermiculite and perlite, which do not mold and have a good insulation rating.

No roosts, as we have 2 buffs and 9 runners.

Dutch double door on the long side of the house for me, sliding door on the short side for ducks. Doorway is about 2'x2'. Short ramp leads into 4'x8'x4.5' tall veranda, a porch covered on all sides with half inch hardware cloth, with a door at the end opposite the house. This leads to the day pen, 3.5 feet high, 10'x16', fence top bottom and sides.
Same problem for me, I have to go back and refigure how to upload pics
only I just do it occasionally , FB is easy .I have Picasa 3 my son set up, but I need to reread or get an easier system for the Untechiees
My philosophy is that in most cases, it is best to praise publicly, criticize privately. So I don't mean to be critical, but rather to confess. I have now spent a few minutes searching for the instructions on how to post photo's. And, I have come up with nothing.

I recall it being fairly simple, just a matter of copying and pasting a url from the right place into the right place.

Don't mean to hijack, but would love a little technical help, here. I had some nice photo's of Little Fort Knox.
I'm NOT a person who is good on computers at all. But, adding pics into a post was super easy for me, so I'm sure that ANYONE can do it! Here are the basics:

Upload and Embed an Image from Your Computer
  1. In a forum post or article, find the Image button which looks like this:
    - this button exists in both the rich text editor and the BB Code editor.
  2. Click the button to open the Image Tool.
  3. To upload and insert an image saved on your computer, click "Browse." This open is set as the default when you open the Image Tool.
  4. You will be able to browse your computer to find the image you would like to upload. Simply highlight your desired image and click "Open."
  5. After you select the image, you can adjust the file name as you like before hitting "OK."
  6. You can also add a Description for your image. This Description will appear on the Image Info page and it will appear in a lightbox popover when the image is accessed from a forum post.
  7. You will also see a check box to "Save a copy to my default album" - if you check this box, you will see the uploaded image in your default album. From there, you will be able to move it into another album or edit the title, description, etc.
  8. Click "OK" to upload the image and insert it into your post or article.

If you are using the rich text editor, once your image is inserted, you can change its size or position. Right click the image and select "Image Properties." Once in the "Image Properties" tool, you can edit the width, height, and the alignment of the image.
Thanks, Wynette,

what if the pic is already in an album on BYC? How do I get it into a post?

Okay, it's kludgy, but I found a way to post pics from my albums.
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