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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bird Collector, Jul 15, 2010.

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    I ventured into chickens last year and it has been a great fun learning experience and I love my girls. I now am thinking about a bantam duck to add to my flock. There are some call ducklings aviable now. My question is can I keep one in with my chickens(all hens)? Do I need two? and will they do okay without water in the coop/run area to swim in and have access to a plastic kids pool when all can free range. I also have and inground pool which I am sure will be an issue. But I guess I would pluck them out and put them in their own pool. Thanks in advance for your help, experience and expertise. [​IMG]

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    Just remember that most small ducks can and will fly. You may need to clip their wings so they don't fly to unwanted areas. You may avoid this issue by going for non flying ducks only. You should have at least 2 ducks even if they live with the chicken. Ducks can live without swimming water but need drinking water at all times. The water need to be deep enough so they can submerge their heads. Also you want to keep their kiddie pool away from the chickens so they cannot drown.
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    I haven't ever had call ducks but I always keep a pool out for my chickens and ducks. The pool is so refreshing even for my occasional adventuresome chickens. They wade it in just like the ducks sometimes.
    I have one for the ducks in their pen but there are a few roos in there with them and one for the chickens that free range. The chicken pool is not very deep so there isn't a problem with my chickens drowning but I would worry if it was over their head.
    I have lots of different water tubs and containers for the ducks and change a different one throughout the day so they have fresh water to drink and then muck up.
    Chickens are much cleaner and don't mess it up but will not drink water where a duck has gotten in and dirtied it up. The extra roos in the duck pen have a water container set up high and the ducks can't jump up on the "table" to get to it but the roos can so they always have clean water. If these roos drown in the duck container over their head then I hate it for them but the big ducks love to float around.

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