Duck kicking out eggs


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Jul 4, 2019
hey, so I have a khaki Campbell who’s been sitting on her eggs now for about 20 days. We candled one of the eggs at about 10 days and they seemed to be fertile.
We have left her to hatch her eggs as she’s very broody and sits on them for atleast 20 hours a day.

Lately she’s been “kicking out” eggs that I guess she doesn’t feel are going to be alive. today we were removing the ones she kicked completely out of her house and we candled them just to check - one rotten so we got rid of and the other 2 seems to look like the progressing as an embryo. Still red veins prominent and it looked like slight movement when holding them.

She won’t take them back and our other female hasn’t started paying hers yet so we can’t put them back. Is there anything we can do without a proper incubator to try and keep these eggs alive
I'd say mother knows best, when I had my ducks, they'd periodically push an egg out of the nest during incubation. Likely the embryo developed for a while, then died, and the mother duck smelled/sensed that and pushed the bad egg out. An embryo can die anytime during development even though the egg is initially fertile.

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