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    Nov 3, 2013
    I found one of my ducks this morning, it had been attacked and partially eaten last night. I live in the city, I assume it was a they leave the remains though? We reinforced the coop today (something had dug under the wall to get into the coop), hopefully it will put an end to further attacks. We've never had any issues before...not sure what the risk of a return visit is though. Any advice on what else we can do to prevent any more attacks?
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    well to keep rabbits and other things from getting into our garden we dug along the fence and put rocks there and buried them or you can take chickens wire and put it on the walls and done against the ground about a foot and take some wire nails and staple it down and then burry it I hope this helps and if you dont understand just ask
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    Feb 28, 2013
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    Sorry for your loss. What type of fencing do you have? Whatever it was will definitely come back. Predators are looking to feed themselves and their family, and they will be return visitors, especially if the last visit was successful. You have to make it worth their while to go somewhere else. My coop has a two layer defense, an outer wall of 2"x4" field fence, and an inner is of 1/2" hardware wire. I have had raccoons and bobcat attack the coop, and they could not break through the outer layer or reach through the inner layer. I also have electric net fence set up that runs at 7000 volts plus a couple of motion sensor cameras that monitor things so I can see whenever something decides to try and get my ducks and chickens.
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