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10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
I'm 15 years old and starting to raise ducks (for pets; not slaughter) just for the heck of it, so I'm a newbie at this. Approximately 2.5 weeks ago, one of my largest and oldest ducks laid a total of 12 eggs. It's been sitting on the eggs ever since.

What I am trying to acknowledge is when will the little ducklings start to hatch? Is there some part of fertilization that needs to be processed? I was wondering about this because I think it's been a long time for the ducklings to hatch, yet they haven't yet.

I appreciate any given responses. Thanks.
If she has been breeding with a drake they are fertile...Most ducks is 28 days..I think Muscovies are longer like 35 that is a guess as I dont have that breed I have mallards 28 for them...
welcome to the addiction, little one LOL..just kidding on the little one part,

I started my duck "phase" way younger than you, at about 7 was when I REALLY wanted ducks, but I'd always liked them.

after years and years, I am FINALLY able to breed and raise ducklings.


uhm, what breed ducks you gotz?

she's gone broody,obviously mallard eggs (pure or mixed) mixed being a mallard who lays the egg, that mated with another breed of duck, take 26 days to hatch.

call ducks take 26 days I think.

all other breeds except muscovy take 28 days, muscovy take 35-37 days.
How many ducks do you have? How many drakes? How old are they? What kind are they? Any pics?

I love ducks!!

Hope your eggs hatch. Baby ducks are so much fun!


P.S. welcome to the forums!

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